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Visit the 2001 ACM SIGCHI Measuring IA Quality reference website, courtesy of Keith Instone. There you will find a summary and links to comments by Lou Rosenfeld, Keith Instone, Gary Marchionini, Marti Hearst, Jesse James Garrett, and Shiraz Cupula. Also, you may read my CHI2001 position paper and download an extended version of my presentation:

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Interactive Brand: The Interaction is the Brand®

Here's a wiki you'll love if you are a fan of Project Liberty, or of karaoke, or a long night in Roppongi, Tokyo, or just fun pictures (over 300): Liberty in Tokyo 2004

(BlogsList, a Movable Type 3.16 Plugin -- for the very few; you know who you are.)

(Abbie's Biskies -- a new source for a uniquely-nutritious pet biscuit. [Transitional])

(Formage System Guide v2.0d8 -- an updated guide (Draft: August, 2009) to the Enosis Group update of Lincoln D. Stein's Mailmerge that became Stanford University's Formage Templating System. The Enosis Group update and refactor of Formage, ELSFormagev2.0d, is currently only available for Stanford University deployments.)